Facility & Services

venice2005 1Under the supervision of Principal Rider/Instructor Ivy Creahan, Assistant Trainer/Rider Ella Leichty and Independent Trainer/Rider Daniel Zilla (Team Calipso LLC) along with our extensive professional Farm employee staff of 9, Branscomb Farm offers excellent care and education for young horses and developing riders.

Through carefully tailored instruction by some of the top teaching professionals on the West Coast, talents of both horse and rider are cultivated together for a lifetime of mutual enjoyment and competitive success. Our speciality is starting and training young horses including breeding quality colts and youngsters destined for competition and amateur or junior riders interested in learning the art of training a young horse to be a strong, successful, and happy competitor.  Our programs include:

  • Ground training and initial under saddle training/ starting of youngsters with foundation for both dressage and jumping (horses must be at least 3 years of age to be ridden) by Branscomb Farm staff Jesus Perez who has a decade of professional experience starting and developing horses for multiple disciplines. 
  • Training/coaching riders (novice to advanced) in horsemanship and age appropriate training programs for their own horses.
  • The Farm offers a 6 month intensive residential internship program for young riders and professionals to learn young horse breeding and training working along side the Farm's professional staff and veterinarian culminating in certification and references upon graduation. 
  • Preparing foals, young mares and stallions for keurings, inspections, stallion licensing and mare performance tests.

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